Jessica Chen, DDS

As a dentist, I am most passionate about the long-term relationships I build with my patients. It is fulfilling to be part of their lives, as they are part of mine, while we work together to achieve and maintain optimal dental health.

I love conversing with my patients. When I meet a new patient, I feel I’m making a new friend. When they return for a routine checkup, I’m reuniting with them as we update each other on our lives and laugh together.

I like seeing younger patients grow up and helping them build good habits for a lifetime of oral health. I enjoy educating people about their unique dental health concerns and empowering them to understand the treatment options. And I am happy when seeing a problem, finding solutions, and helping people achieve a functional and beautiful smile.

My patients inspire me, professionally and personally. They make my workday colorful and warm. The reason I love being a dentist is simple: my patients!

The Duvall Family Dental Team

Our team is made up of different personalities, backgrounds, experiences, and quirks. I see them as individual pieces of a quilt: together, we make a beautiful blanket that is able to comfort and help those in our care.

Our team members are strong, kind, and loving. They are an extension of me and my vision. I am very proud of their dedication to their work and to being loving humans.

Education and Professional Activities

In order to provide the best possible care for my patients, I equip myself with as much knowledge as I can. Rapid, ongoing developments are taking place in healthcare, and it is important to stay current on these changes through high-quality continuing education courses. When my patients choose me to be their family’s dentist, I honor that trust by providing evidence-based treatment options and care.

I am a member of the Sky Valley Interdisciplinary Dental Study Club and a Kois Center and Spear Education participant. I also regularly complete continuing education courses and attend conferences offered through the University of Washington School of Dentistry, along with the:

Beyond the Practice

I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, and have lived in Bellevue for more than a decade. My husband Tony is a huge supporter of all my shenanigans. We share our home with our four Shetland Sheepdog kids: Willie, Butters, Keebler, and CeCe, as well as our Betta fish, Bubbles.

I like to keep busy when I’m not seeing patients. My “down time” often involves the gym, cycling or skiing, practicing yoga, gardening, and fighting the unending battle against weeds. I also like baking banana bread, exploring new restaurants, and dog psychology.

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