Jessica Chen, DDS

As a dentist, the long-term relationships I build with my patients is the most important part of my career. These relationships are built on trust and understanding of not only their dental concerns, but the connection with my fellow patients at a human level.  It is fulfilling to be part of their lives, as they are part of mine, while we work together to achieve and maintain dental health and their smile goals. 

Another amazing part of being a dentist, for me, is seeing younger patients grow up and helping them build good habits for a lifetime of oral health. The honesty and wonder of young minds continue to fill me with awe and I handle the trust parents have placed in me to care for their children very seriously. Because of this, I believe always in a positive and rewarding visit, so the child associates the dentist to be a happy place to be.

Along the same lines as making dental visits happy for children, I find it equally important for adults. One way I go about achieving this is by first listening and then empowering patients with the knowledge to understand their unique dental situation. I help my patients identify the etiology of their concern, find solutions, and ultimately achieve a functional and beautiful smile for them.

The Duvall Family Dental Team

Our team members are kind and loving with a wealth of knowledge coupled with unparalleled dedication to their work. They are an extension of me and my vision to provide excellent and thoughtful dental care in the gentlest manner possible. The majority of the team reside locally and the sense of community is easily felt as they often catch up with their friends and family when they come in for their dental care.

Education and Professional Activities

In order to provide the best possible care for my patients, I equip myself with as much knowledge as I can. As there are rapid, ongoing developments in healthcare I stay current on these changes through high-quality continuing education courses. When my patients choose me to be their family’s dentist, I honor that trust by providing evidence-based treatment options and care.

In addition to being the graudate of the #1 dental school in the United States (and 4th in the world), I am also a graduate of a post-graduate program at UCLA and the prestigous Kois Center in Seattle, WA. Furthermore, I am member of the Sky Valley Interdisciplinary Dental Study Club and Spear Education participant. I regularly complete continuing education courses and attend conferences offered through the University of Washington School of Dentistry, along with the:

Beyond the Practice

I was born in Taiwan and move to Oregon when I was 7 years old. I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, and have made Washington my home since 2009. My husband, Tony and I share our home with our Shetland Sheepdogs: Butters, Keebler, and CeCe.

Outside of the office, I enjoy weight lifting, cycling, skiing, kayaking, snow shoeing yoga, nutrition, gardening and mindfulness. I am also a licensed real estate broker, a certified personal trainer and working on acquring my yoga teacher certification. I have a zest for learning and living life to its fullest!

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