Daniel Kwong, DMD

It has always been a dream of mine to become a dentist because of all the patients I can serve by helping alleviate any concerns or discomfort. My priority is to make sure patients’ needs have been addressed and to cultivate a long-term relationship. I am humbled to be able to gain the confidence of my patients in restoring and helping people improve their oral health and smile. The best part of being a dentist is to see the rewarding smiles that come and go throughout each appointment. Each smile has a different history, and I am always happy to help patients rediscover their smiles.

Education and Professional Activities

I am always discovering ways to improve myself to better treat my patients and ensure they are taken care of with the most up-to-date techniques, technologies, and dental materials. In addition, I continue to improve my skills and techniques by participating in various continuing education courses as often as I can. I also enjoy helping underserved communities that need access to dental care. Last year, I went with a team to Jamaica to serve over 120 patients that needed urgent dental treatment. I seek to help communities all over the globe annually.

Beyond the Practice

In my spare time, I unwind by exploring the Pacific Northwest, playing tennis, strumming some chords on the guitar, and by spending time with family.

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