Your Breath: Reasonably Fresh

We all experience bad breath first thing in the morning, or after over-indulging in those Safeco Field garlic fries. But halitosis — chronic bad breath — is another story. A healthy mouth isn’t always minty fresh, but it shouldn’t knock people over left and right with it’s pungent odor either.

In most cases, halitosis is a sign of poor oral hygiene. When not cleaned away regularly, bacteria in your mouth produce foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Infections and tooth decay also cause nasty odors, as does food trapped and rotting between dentures or underneath crowns.

Assuming your breath passes muster, keep it that way with good oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular trips to the dentist.

For more information or to schedule you and your family for a dental exam and cleaning, please call us at (425) 318-7689. Dr. Jessica Chen at Duvall Family Dental is a caring and compassionate dentist looking forward to answering your questions.




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