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Office Visits

office visits

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, high-quality dental care. We understand that you, or your child, may feel anxious about visiting the dentist. We are sensitive to your needs, and it is our goal to make you feel comfortable visiting our practice while providing the best care possible.

Your first visit is all about you – your comfort, your happiness, and your health.

During your first visit, we will:

  • Review your dental and medical history forms 
  • Take X-rays and photographs of your teeth and mouth
  • Check your teeth for cavities and your gums for signs of gum disease
  • Clean and polish your teeth

After your checkup and teeth cleaning are complete, the doctor will discuss with you her findings, discuss treatment options, help you create your own individual treatment plan, and answer any questions that you may have.

Bring your smile, but also remember to bring these with you to your first appointment:

  • Your government issued identification card
  • Your insurance card

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile!

The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a child have their first appointment with a dentist before their first birthday. It is also recommended that a child has an established dental home with a dentist as they would a medical home with their pediatrician. 

We understand that you have a busy schedule, so when you're preparing to visit the dentist, please remember that your appointments can last between 45 and 90 minutes.

Your child's first visit to Duvall Family Dental

You may choose whether or not you accompany your child to his/her exam appointment. Although we sense that some children do better without parents present, we are open to having you with your child. If you choose to be present, we suggest the following guidelines to improve chances of a positive outcome:

     1 . Allow us to guide your child though the appointment.  Our dental assistants are wonderful with children and excel at creating an enjoyable experience.  Most children do incredibly well for their first teeth cleaning.

  1. Be supportive of the practice's terminology
  1. Please be a silent observer-- support your  child with touches only if needed

           A. This allows us to maintain communication with your child

           B. Children will normally listen to their parents instead of us and may  note hear our guidance.        

           C. You might give incorrect or misleading information

        4.    For our infant and toddler exam we sometimes have the parent and child participate in a knee-to-knee exam where the child sits in the parent’s lap and leans back into the lap of the dentist for examination. We will guide you through this process.  Many parents are concerned that their infant or toddler may cry at the first visit.  While we make every effort possible to ensure that your infant or toddler’s visit is as happy as possible, some children do react to a trip to the dentist with fear or crying.  This is normal behavior and our doctors and staff will comfort your child to make the appointment as happy as possible.  We always make sure to praise your child for the things that they have done well and make the visit end on a happy note.

We will also demonstrate proper brushing technique for your child so that you can keep his/her teeth clean and sparkly at home. The visit will be completed with a topical application of Fluoride. Younger children will have a varnish “painted” onto their teeth, older children will have trays with gel.  The supplemental fluoride treatment is an important contributor to the strength of your child’s teeth  and  the resistance to decay. To aid the effectiveness of the fluoride treatment, it is recommended that the child does not eat, drink, or rinse with water for  30 minutes after application.

 Of course, no visit is complete without a trip to the prize bin and a goody bag complete with new toothbrush and toothpaste.

These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child's visit. We are confident that all will go well and hope these guidelines will help prepare you with confidence for the upcoming appointment.


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