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Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning

Root planing and scaling is one of the most effective ways to treat gum disease when the gum pockets are greater than 3mm. Root planing and scaling removes plaque and tarter beneath the gums and the teeth down to the roots. The root surfaces are smoothed (or planed). Clean and smooth root surfaces allows the gums to heal and makes it more difficult for plaque to cling on.

A local anesthetic may be used to numb your gums and the roots of your teeth during the procedure.

Medications to help control infection and pain may be recommended, depending on the severity of the gum disease.

At a follow up appointment, usually six weeks from the scaling and root planning appointment, your gum pockets are checked for healing, health, and if the pockets have decreased. If pockets greater than 3mm persist, additional periodontal treatment and/or referral to a specialist may be recommended.

  • After-Care Instructions for Scaling and Root Planing (Deep Cleaning) [PDF] | [DOC]

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